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 to increase your college admissions chances. 

 Smart College Choices can help you get ready and present your unique story. 

Developing your list


 Share your preferences about location, campus culture, academics, class  size and more, and we’ll identify colleges where you are likely to be  happy and successful. 

build your application step by step




What courses are best to take? When to schedule ACT and SAT tests?  How to prep for them? What learning options exist outside high school?

Find out the answers to these questions and more. We'll analyze your PSAT scores, and review your coursework.




We’ll show you how to

  • Think outside the box
  • Step up your involvement
  • Take advantage of summer opportunities

And explain how your activities have made you the student and person you are in your application.




They can make all the difference.

You have a story to tell, and we can help you choose the best topics  and craft your essay so that admissions readers can learn who you are—  and remember you. Our time-tested methodology helps students of all writing abilities come up with great content and clearly expressed thoughts.


 I looked at my daughter’s UC essays again and  think your comments really helped her improve them. You have a good eye.  Thanks again for your help; we think it made all the difference.                         

                               Parent of a student admitted to colleges  including UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Davis and the University of Michigan                              

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m not sure  I’ll ever be able to say that enough times to convey how important your  help has been to our family on this college journey. You have a  wonderful and positive approach to this process.                         

Parent of a student who was accepted early action to Boston College  

You are obviously very, very good at what you do. (My son) is a very happy guy.                         

Parent of a student admitted to schools including Elon University, Trinity College, and Willamette University   

About ME

As an independent college counselor, Peggy has been working with students and families in half a dozen states and India for ten years.


She works with public and private high school students and their  parents in the Bay Area and beyond using Facetime, texting/SMS, Email, and  phone (and in-person meetings).

Peggy is a graduate of the UCLA College Counseling Program. She  brings decades of writing and editing experience to help clients with  the essay process. She has covered education issues for national  magazines and The New York Times. She has written and produced more than two dozen non-fiction trade books. As education editor of Glamour magazine for eight years, she coordinated the Top Ten College Women  Contest and wrote two monthly columns on college and career-related  topics.

For many years, Peggy was the career coordinator at the New York University Summer Publishing Institute. She graduated cum laude from Bowling Green State University and has done graduate work at  Teachers College, Columbia University. She served on the board of  directors for the Charles Armstrong School, a K-8 school for dyslexic  learners. She has worked as a volunteer counselor with QuestBridge, which links exceptional low-income students with top colleges.